Chopin Nocturnes par Frédéric Chopin, Jan Ekier

Chopin Nocturnes par Frédéric Chopin, Jan Ekier

Titre de livre: Chopin Nocturnes

Auteur: Frédéric Chopin, Jan Ekier

ISBN: 3850550648

Éditeur: Wiener Urtext, Schott

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Frédéric Chopin, Jan Ekier avec Chopin Nocturnes

inch....this work is likely to become a standart work very quickly and is to be recommended to all schools where recorder studies are undertaken inch. (Oliver James, Contact Magazine) A novel and comprehensive approach to transferring from the C to F instrument. 430 music examples include folk and national songs (some in two parts), country dance tunes and excerpts from the standard treble repertoire ofBach, Barsanti, Corelli, Handel, Telemann, etc. An outstanding feature of the book has proved to be Brian Bonsor's brilliantly simple but highly effective practice circles and recognition squares designed to give, in only a few minutes, concentrated practice on the more usual leaps to and from each new note and instant recognition of random notes. Quickly emulating the outstanding success of the descant tutors, these books are very popular even with those who normally use tutors other than the Enjoy the Recorder series.